Quality and service are key ingredients to a good bakery. Attention to detail, innovation, and passion are the additional ingredients that Gilbert's adds to the recipe.

Our customers enjoy the extensive variety we offer at our business locations. They travel from afar for our continuous creative pursuit and they are loyal to us because they trust our quality ingredients and service.

We have created several concept stores according to the varying needs of our customers:

Gilbert's Bakeries - For everyday needs
Gilbert's FoodBars - For quick snacks or lunch on the go
Gilbert's Galleries - Providing a tailored service for   special events

In addition, focus programs have been created to aid various groups in our community. Programs like: Food For Business, Food For Teaching, Food For Kids, and Gilbert's Mail Order.

As times change, we change, but some things will always stay the same. Quality, service, attention to details, innovation, and passion are the ingredients that have kept us in your home for over a quarter century.
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