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Crispy Foods
Breads and Crackers
Breakfast and Snack Cakes
Pies and Pastelitos
Salads, Spreads, and Dips
Dessert and Confections
Prepared Savory Foods
Hot Meals

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Fruit Tray  
Etched Watermelon  
  Almond Filled Prunes  
Sugared Egg Yolk Confections  
Miniature Eclairs  
Merengue Drops  
  Mini Cup-Cakes  
  Fruit Cocktail  
  Fruit Cocktail (Individual)  

Petit Four


French Pastries

Sugared Egg Yolks Bathed in Fondant  
  Fruit Sheishkabob  
Regular Cupcakes vanilla  
Regular Cupcakes chocolate  
  Assorted Fruit Bolovan  
  Merengue Drops with Dulce Leche  
  Coconut Spheres  
Fresh Fruits Tarts  
  Mousse Tarts  
  Mini Parfaits  
  Assorted Fruit Pastries  


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