Much like the members of your own family, in our family of businesses each have their own distinct personalities. These are all rooted with the basic principles that Gilbert's has always stood for quality, creativity and a passion for food.

Gilbert's Bakeries

These are our full-line bakeries. You'll find an emporium of food including: breads, cakes, many different desserts, cookies, pies, crackers, sweet and savory pastelitos, gourmet sandwiches, quiches, omelets, platters ready to go, spreads, salads, gifts and novelties. Our sales staff in these bakeries are qualified for taking custom cake and catering orders for any event: work related, small gatherings, gift items, birthday parties, special deliveries or any other celebration. They will work along with you choosing from our extensive selection or even realizing creations of your own.

Gilbert's on Douglas
After thirty years we have moved this flagship store to a new location.   Gilberts on Coral Way, just a few blocks away, is a larger store with better parking.  We are very excited.

Gilbert's on Coral Way
3340 Southwest 22 Street
Miami, Florida 33145
305.446.7174 fax

Next to McDonalds, this location offers a large store with ample parking.  The inside and outside seating makes it an excellent choice for casual morning, afternoon, and evening snacks. Due to it's proximity to corporate Coral Gables, it is a more convenient stop for group lunches, snacks, and last minute product purchases such as birthday cakes, party sandwiches and varied platters needed for monthly celebrations or special events.

Gilbert's on Bird
5777 Southwest Bird Road
Miami, Florida 33155
305.668.0368 fax

This location, inaugurated in 1995, has more of a cafe environment. We serve hot beverages: American coffee, espresso, tea, cappuccino, café con leche and our popular cortadito. Many claim it is the best in South Florida. Order a cup along with a savory sandwich, a vegetable croquette and a chocolate dessert all to be enjoyed in our outside seating accompanied with a few friends to chat in an international ambience. This combination of café seating, European décor, coffee, and a wider selection of gourmet sandwiches, lends itself for lunches, breaks and meetings.


Gilbert's Foodbar

The Food Bar is a recent concept focused on providing convenience to our customers' everyday needs. The variety available in these smaller stores is a selection of products from our full-line bakeries that is more appropriate for quick dining, breaks, or snacks. All have café seating and serve hot beverages, including our popular cortadito.

Foodbar at Miami International Airport
Food Court- South Terminal

The food you've come to love for your traveling convenience.  Snack while you wait or take food for your flight, and pick up some favorites for friends that miss the Miami flavor.

News Cafe- South Terminal Pre Security

The food you've come to love for your traveling convenience with the added convenience of news and gifts by our partner Stellar News.  Snack while you wait for family or friends to arrive.  Hang out while your tickets are processed and if you happened to have arrived just a little too early.  Get your first cup of coffee, wether its the redeye or the morning bird along with a book or magazine for the trip.

Gilbert's Galleries

In order to provide a more tailored service for important events and not just weddings a relaxing setting is essential. The role of our existing Wedding Cake Gallery, a concept created in 1988 to offer specialized one-on-one attention to brides, has been expanded to serve as your complete source for special events. View and sample our Savory Food Gallery, Wedding Cake Gallery, and Dessert Gallery all in one chic location.

The one on one attention and planning expertise where flavor, quality, presentation and attention to details work together to create a memorable party. No hurry, no rush, just a professional Menu Designer interactively sketching ideas until the food for your event is perfectly tailored.

Gallery at Miracle Mile
For over a decade Wedding Cake Gallery at Miracle mile served South Florida with an environment most appropriate for special event planning and the food from Gilbert's. 

We have recently moved this store into Gilbert's Bakery on Coral Way.

The Food we craft with pride The Food we've tailored to your needs