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For over two decades Gilbert's Bakery has been serving ethnic, international and unique food creations of our own to South Florida. During this time we've seen many customers use the same food they enjoy with their families for business purposes. I guess it is a natural transition, good food makes for good relationships. And this is paramount in the business world.

To better serve these growing needs Gilbert's began a program specifically catering to businesses. Today the Food for Business Program has grown to include:

  • Special price-lists - outlining products and pricing for typical business uses such as breakfast, gift baskets, platters, and luncheons.
  • Corporate accounts - for convenient and safe purchase and payment plans.
  • Food for Business Guide - a compilation of fresh and unique ways successful businesses, like your's, have put our products to work.
  • Delivery service - that is friendly, convenient and reliable.
  • A letter from Gilbert - a casual news letter informing you of new products, services, and ideas for business.
  • Roll Call - a helpful phone call scheduled by request to remind you of regular orders saving you from remembering one more thing.
The Food we craft with pride The Food we've tailored to your needs