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In today's business world... you work hard at keeping your people motivated... and at helping them build customer relationships… all to the beat of a ticking clock… because your competition is right behind you… at the same time you keep your team happy and productive… and let’s not forget that you have a personal life too…

Gilbert’s has compiled some innovative uses that business customers like you have given our products for over a quarter century of serving South Florida.

your work environment
From our extensive variety: bring in croissants, danish, and pastelitos for breakfast. For lunch, have some quiche, gourmet sandwiches, or pies and maybe, sodas, juices and coffee. Celebrate birthdays monthly or recognize personal events like showers, promotions and retirements with a different cake every time. Ask for our assortment of flavors and combinations. Remember we have precut cakes that make parties a little easier.

your staff to achieve new goals
Give them a gift certificate for every new customer they bring in. Perhaps offer the whole team a catered party by Gilbert’s if they reach this year’s sales targets.

your product effectively
Have a custom cake with a replica of your product or its logo delivered to your customer’s door. Hand distribute or mail your advertisements with a token like a cookie or a fresh pastry that is sure to draw interest.

your customer’s attention
A sale can sometimes be secured by the most arbitrary details, and sometimes it is completely emotional. Capitalize on this by sending your client an ethnic pastry from his native country. Subtly remind them to consider you with a delivered platter and a note reading: “…a snack to munch on during this difficult decision process. We are confident that we are your solution.”

and pick up the pieces to regain your customer’s confidence
As much as a business strives for perfection, we are still human and humans make mistakes. So, let Gilbert’s help you pick up the pieces and bring a smile back to your client’s face with one of our trays of assorted savory pastries. This is certain to carry your message and regain their confidence.

your business success
When the project is complete, the targets are met, the promotions are given, the contracts are signed, the customer is happy, don’t forget to celebrate. Gilbert’s can cater this event with salads, hors d’oeuvres, crudite bars, Viennese tables, and a large cake that you can excite your team into further success.

your team’s achievements
Every project has a beginning and an end; and when the end is marked with the proper recognition of due merits it is also a solid beginning for the next goal. Gather the team for a luncheon catered by Gilbert's and say a few words to acknowledge the efforts of noteworthy players. A sandwich station, salad bar and assorted French pastries is a selection which is sure to please all the tastes.

your customers for their business
A gourmet basket hand delivered to those that send business your way is a professional touch when it comes from Gilbert’s. Send your customers a dessert tray in appreciation for their business once the deal has been closed, a sweet ending to a new beginning.

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