The reputation we have earned over the years has made the food from Gilbert's a much appreciated and valued gift. We have taken this a step further by providing a line of fine food attractively packaged for you at any time. These are available year round and are updated with seasonal celebrations.

We are able to customize products and packaging to fit any theme. This is especially useful for party favors, business promotions, and tokens of appreciation.



WELCOME BASKETS. - For out of town guests these might include "Miami's Flavor" Tropical delectable both sweet and savory.

BIRTHDAY BASKETS. - We can have a complete birthday with cake, sandwiches, balloons, napkins, plates and other goodies included.

CENTERPIECE BASKETS. - Filled with themed shaped cookies individually wrapped as favors for your guests and a centerpiece for your table.

BREAKFAST BASKETS. - Croissants, Spanish Tortilla, Danish, Fresh Fruits in Skewers, Rolls and Sweet Butter, Spanish Mimosas would be the perfect basket to receive in the morning.

LUNCH BASKETS. - Unique Sandwiches filled with Croquettes, Desserts, and Sodas are what fill these basket. What a thoughtfull gesture for a secretary too busy to take a break.

SYMPATHY BASKETS. - There is no better way to say you care than to help your friend get through their daily chores in a time of need. Provide them with a lunch or dinner thoughtfull basket to erase the troubles of cooking and quicken the healing of wounds.

ETHNIC BASKETS. - Want to surprise someone who has not visited their homeland in years? Send them an ethnic basket with their traditional dishes, desserts or pastries. You're sure to bring back good memories from the past.

You may ask yourself what makes Gilbert's baskets so special. It's simple….. Not only is it the artistry involved in the composition of your basket or the workmanship in each uniquely designed product, but you have the quality Gilbert's is renowned for over 25 years. The difference is that our baskets are filled with freshly made Gilbert's products not prepackaged commercially available ones.

Gilbert's will cater to your ideas in creating your unique basket.

The Food we craft with pride The Food we've tailored to your needs