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Holidays are yearound, and for each one we create traditional favorites of the season as well as fresh innovations. Our extensive line of cakes grows as a result of our yearly thirst to outdo previous creations.

Choose from our variety, past and present, or share your idea with us and we’ll bring it to life. Click on the Holiday Menu link above for more holiday options for parties or gifting.

Happy Holidays


Strawberry Crème de Vie

Vanilla cake filled with crème de vie liquor crème filling and fresh strawberries.


Key West Christmas

Cheesecake topped with our delectable guava marmalade and topped with keylime mousse.


Chocolate cake filled with a silky smooth crème and pieces of nougat made to taste like the delicious holiday treat.


Gingerbread House Cake

Vanilla cake filled with French Bavarian crème and sprinkled with cinnamon shaped into a 3D gingerbread house.


It’s a sweeter version of a deconstructed Latin bread pudding. Slices of bread are cooked and soaked in a bath of simple syrup infused with cinnamon and orange zest.

Pre-Cut sheet cake

Gilbert’s traditional cake filled with Bavarian crème is conveniently cut into 30 small portions and decorated individually. This is perfect for the classroom or a gift.

Christmas Shaker

Gilbert’s traditional cake filled with French Bavarian crème is topped with a cute toy that merrily shakes around.


25 Boston crème filled profiteroles are stacked in this traditional French delicacy. This makes a lovely holiday dessert that surely stands out from the rest.


We have cupcakes decorated especially for the holidays with festive colors and cute picks.

Turrones Artesanales - Artisanal Nougat

Our homemade artisanal nougats have been getting special acclaim this year from repeat buyers who say there is nothing like them anywhere. Try them for yourself. They are sold individually or can be packaged ina lovely box featuring the four flavors: Yema, Yema Tostada, Mazapán Cádiz, and Mazapán Toledo.

If you're not sure what to gift for the holiday, consider sending a taste of Miami to friends and family. Gilbert's Mail Order Packages provide an array of holiday treats and can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. We ship on Tuesday and it will arrive by Friday of the same week. Please visit our Mail Order link or download ourHoliday menu.

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